Rumor has it…

Kinley Reed rode back into town for a “check-up” from the pediatrician — and he’s being thorough…

Nothing spells coming home to Pine Valley like G-O-S-S-I-P with a capital G.

Kinley Reed is not the type to fool around with men she just met, but when Jace Detweiler strikes up conversation two barstools down, she can’t help but feel like he might be exactly what the doctor ordered: one steamy night of unbridled passion.  

What they didn’t expect was their sexy studio tryst becoming talk of the town.

Not willing to be taken down by the town’s cranky busy body armed with social media, Kinley concocts a plan to get even: a no-strings-attached fling in the name of revenge — a dish the sexy doctor and Broadway dancer are serving any way but cold.   

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