Winston Cauldwell is stuffy, proper, and the new owner of the Chicago Norsemen hockey team. He's also the heir to an actual Dukedom. When Winston receives a phone call telling him his grandfather has died and he's the new Duke of Surrey, there's one minor stipulation: he has to marry to get the cash. Strapped for capital to invest in the team, Winston strikes a deal for a wife in name only. But Kat is not at all what he bargained for, and she might make Winston rethink everything he's ever wanted.

Kat Monroe is spunky, opinionated, and the new DJ for the Chicago Norsemen. When her boss, the "Duke of Douches" fires her for her colorful behavior, she's left with a small business loan and not even a small income to pay it. But then the same Duke offers her the chance to have her job back and her loan paid off--if she'll agree to be his bride of convenience in exchange. But Winston is not at all what she bargained for, and he might make Kat rethink everything she's ever wanted.

The Duke is a standalone royal billionaire marriage of convenience romance with a grumpy hero, a spunky heroine, and an HEA worthy of Cinderella.

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